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20 Interesting Facts About Facebook

Little known facebook facts

Facebook has become such an important part of our lives in the past few years. But what are some interesting facts about this social networking site which you didn’t know? Check the fun facts about Facebook right here!

Interesting Facebook Facts List:

  • On an average, Facebook is adding 7,246 people every 15 minutes or 8 per second.
  • Around 600,000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook accounts every day.
  • Facebook is primarily blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green colour blindness.
  • Several people have been murdered for unfriending someone on Facebook.
  • Facebook has been banned in China since July 2008.
  • Every minute, 1.8 million new “likes” are made on Facebook.
  • According to estimates, Facebook spends US$30 million a month on hosting alone.
  • You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg’s account on Facebook.
  • Facebook is estimated to spend US$30 million a month on hosting alone.
  • Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day.
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes home salary of just US$ 1.
  • If you open a conversation on Facebook Messenger and type ‘@fbchess play’, you can play a game of chess with your friend.
  • There are about 30 million dead people on Facebook.
    Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world

    Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash.

  • Facebook has a feature that lets you decide who will manage your account when you die.
  • Facebook’s first annual Hacker Cup (2011) coding challenge was won by Petr Mitrichev, a programmer at Google. He showed up at Facebook headquarters to collect his prize wearing his Google employee badge. (badass spotted)
  • The “Like” button on Facebook was originally going to be called“Awesome”.
  • Around 8.7% of all Facebook users are fake.
  • Any text you put into the status update box is sent to Facebook’s servers, even if you don’t click the post button.
  • Facebook earns an average of US$ 5.85 from every U.S. user.
  • 1 in 3 people feels more dissatisfied with their lives after visiting Facebook, according to a study.

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